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The National Gardens in Athens, Greece

by Brian D. Ladin

Chartered financial analyst and experienced hedge fund manager Brian D. Ladin oversees capital investment strategy at Delos Shipping, where he manages international partnerships in the vessel acquisition and shipping industries. As founder, Brian D. Ladin directs business operations at the company’s offices in the United States and Athens, Greece.
From the Parthenon on the Acropolis to the Temple of Olympian Zeus, Athens features a wide variety of famous cultural and historical sites. However, beyond the iconic architecture associated with the Ancient Greeks, Athens offers a number of lesser-known tourist attractions, such as the National Gardens.
The National Gardens, or Vassilikos Kipos, gives visitors an opportunity to enrich their experience of the city and take a break from the crowds. Covering 15.5 hectares (roughly 38 acres) behind the Presidential Residence and the Greek Parliament building, the gardens include flowers, statues, and a duck pond. Former Queen Amalia helped design the landscape in 1839; the National Gardens opened to the public in 1923.
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